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Impossible Instant Lab: Turn iPhone Images into Real Photos

I’m not quite sure how useful this is… Matter fact, yes I am. It’s totally useless. But that doesn’t stop it from being cool as shit.

(via Allerta intros Pebble smartwatch, inPulse’s attractive younger sibling — Engadget)

These watches are strictly for ballers only. If you ain’t ballin’ so hard motherfuckers wanna fine you, then this watch is not for you. You got iPhone compatability, which means you can get calls and emails on your watch. 

Kickstart this bitch for $99.

Kubideh (Conflict) Kitchen

This is such an amazing idea. You get the cuisine of a country that the US is in conflict with, toss in a bunch of curious people with a hunger for knowledge and understanding drop it Pittsburgh and this is what you get.

Conflict Kitchen is located at 124 s. Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania510-912-2221

(Source: peacingit2gthr)