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Hermes Arriola drops a great mash up between Adventure Time, Zelda and World of Warcraft! Check out more of his work here on Tumblr.

Ice King lends some help to defeat the Lich King.

The Legend of Adventure Time by Hermes Arriola  (Tumblr) (Facebook)

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Xbox and LucasArts unleashed the fury of their upcoming Xbox 360 Star Wars Bundle at Comic-Con! It comes equipped with a R2D2 custom console w/ sounds, a gold C3P0 controller, a white Kinect, Kinect Adventures, Star Wars Kinect and a 320GB hard drive! More glorious photos can be found here.

You can throw down a pre-order on this beast at Amazon ($449.99)!

Xbox 360 Star Wars Bundle via Major Nelson (Twitter)


The would-be world dictator M. Bison gets an animal makeover to fit his name! Vote this hilarious shirt design up over at Threadless to see it print!

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The famous BISON by Georges le Mercenaire (Behance) (Twitter)

The famous BISON - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

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Haha. The REAL M. Bison. Imagine fighting him in Street Fighter. That psycho spinning move he does would be incredible.

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lol xD

Favorite animated gif ever.

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Catwoman Announced as Playable Character in ‘Batman: Arkham City’ [Video]

Between the inclusion of the Riddler and Penguin, Batman: Arkham City’s been getting loads of new villains reveals lately, but anti-hero Catwoman trumps them all as a full-on playable character. Rocksteady Studios marketing game manager Dax Ginn gave Gamespot the inside scoop on Selina Kyle’s newly-announced playable status, explaining that she’s substantially more than a simple Batman re-skin, acting as an independent gaming experience with an all-new fighting and upgrade systems. What’s more, Catwoman’s story will intertwine with Batman’s, fleshing out the game for further hours of gameplay.

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My mouth was agape the whole time watching this. 

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