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Just got my #watch in from @hellomissapple and you cannot tell me this isn’t the freshest #wristwatch you’ve ever seen. You just can’t. Why? Because this is the freshest wristwatch you have ever seen. It’s supposed to be a women’s watch but it’s freshness could not be denied on my not-woman wrist. Thankfully it just fit. #flowers #floral #garden #fancy #assortedFwords

(via Allerta intros Pebble smartwatch, inPulse’s attractive younger sibling — Engadget)

These watches are strictly for ballers only. If you ain’t ballin’ so hard motherfuckers wanna fine you, then this watch is not for you. You got iPhone compatability, which means you can get calls and emails on your watch. 

Kickstart this bitch for $99.

TRON Inspired Watches

Could this be the freshest thing ever?