have you ever heard a raven talk?

because apparently they can go from severus snape to japanese schoolgirl in .5 seconds.

Ravens are pretty amazing.

Must. Own. Raven. Now!


The Philadelphia Phillies used children’s drawings of the starting lineup on the scoreboard in place of their official photos. [deadspin]


The mostbamaIng view of the #Eiffel … I mean #EmpireStateBuilding ever.

#inwood is fucking beautiful. (at Muscota Marsh)

Beautiful post wrap graveyard. Goodbye cardboard cutouts. It was fun making a #musicvideo with you. Now die! (at Muscota Marsh)

#inwood #musicvideo Shhhh, the set is sleeping. (at Inwood Hill Park)

Crew and some cops. #musicvideo (at Inwood Hill Park)

The director in the grass. #musicvideo

Broken down sets and a shit ton of planning.


Have you heard of Ban Bossy? It’s the new initiative from Lean In and the Girl Scouts that’s trying to ban “bossy” and similar words that are used to bring down girls that are ambitious, take risks, and speak up. By changing the way we treat girls who lead, hopefully our generation will someday see more women in leadership roles. 

You can watch the 1:00 video with Beyonce, Jane Lynch, Condeleeza Rice, and Jennifer Garner here, or visit the Ban Bossy website

Unbossy like a boss.


The master of disguise (by @WrasslorMonkey)

Golddust will forever be my favorite wrestler. Foe-effer.

Alittle bit of the ol’ “FUCK YEAH, WIL WHEATON!” to end the weekend.

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